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A place to get involved with kemeneth workshops , events and storytelling.

We are a group of Penryn residents that formed back in 2016 to stage the Penryn 800 Heritage Festival.


Today we exist as a Kemeneth partnership continuing to bring arts, storytelling performance and heritage workshops and event for Penryn.

Kemeneth Project


Kemeneth 2017

Kemeneth 2017 was a celebration of all things Penryn . Following on from the 800th birthday celebrations in 2016 we held another 2 day extravaganza within the town. With storytelling, film workshops, craft making, banner making we celebrated the towns...
bunting triangle

Penryn Kemeneth Bunting

We are inviting all members of Penryn Kemeneth to take part in a mass bunting making workshop, taking place from the comfort of your own homes. 🙂 Community visual arts project Kemeneth is the Cornish word for community. It is...

Kemeneth 800 – Heritage Festival – 2016

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